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Rendezvous home

Approximately a mile north of the Rendezvous grounds are four historic buildings – Grouseland, the Indiana Territory Capitol, the Stout Print Shop, and the Maurice Thompson Birthplace. The lights of dozens of candles reflect off the glass of the windows within those structures. Candlelight tours of these grand places are provided only during the Saturday evening of Memorial Day weekend.

Grouseland William Henry Harrison, governor of the Indiana Territory, had this magnificent mansion constructed during 1803-04. The Francis Vigo Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) saved the building from imminent destruction during 1909. The home has been restored to its original condition and is open for public viewing.

A candlelight tour of this frontier mansion is a true delight. Tours are available from 8:30 p.m. until 10 p.m. Admission is FREE

The Harrison Home, as Grouseland also is called, may be reached from the Rendezvous grounds by traveling north on Second St., (after approximately 13 blocks) crossing a train track, and taking the first left after that track. This is a left onto Harrison St. which leads directly to the Harrison Home.

Vincennes State Historic Sites - That same street, Harrison, goes in front of the three other sites which conduct candlelight tours simultaneously with the Harrison Home. These sites are the Indiana Territory Capitol, the Stout Print Shop, and the Maurice Thompson Birthplace. All are a wonder to behold by candlelight. Tours there are offered from 8 p.m. until 10 p.m. While tours are free, donations are accepted.

The Indiana Territory Capitol is the building in which the territorial legislature met from 1800 through 1813, the period when Vincennes was the capital of the Indiana Territory. The Stout Print Shop is a replica of the shop where Elihu Stout printed the laws enacted by the legislature along with the territory’s first newspaper, the Indiana Gazette. The third site, the Maurice Thompson Birthplace, is the small house in which was born the author of a locally popular book, Alice of Old Vincennes.

The Ball - A grand ball is planned for Saturday evening and will take place on the street behind the Vincennes State Reenactors dance at the 2007 grand ballHistoric Site and adjacent to Grouseland.  Live music and a dance caller will be featured. No experience necessary, no costumes are required.  Come out for the evening to dance or simply to watch. The ball will begin at 8:30 pm.   Visitors are encouraged to bring lawn chairs or blankets as seating is limited.

While in Vincennes you may wish to visit these other historical sites:
The Old French House
The Old Cathedral
Indiana Military Museum
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