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Children's Activities

The Rendezvous is a family event with an emphasis on children! Look at all there is to do!

Story Telling with Adam Clark – Adam Clark portrays the local French Culture of Vincennes with animated stories of life of a fur trader on the frontier. His animated presentations engage young and old alike. 

 Hands on History

History comes alive for kids of all ages! See how the Early American Settlers depended on the animals they brought with them. Watch oxen trained to do the hard labor with only a word from the driver.  

A French Voyager camp will be near the oxen camp.

Free! Colonial Games - Try some of the fun colonial games that kids played in the 18th century, such as “trundling the hoop,” stilt walking, graces,  ninepins, draughts (checkers), jacks, board games, and the More! Just ask our volunteers in the children’s area! 

Fun for Children of all ages! And educational too!


Corn Husk Dolls - Check the schedule to see when you can make your own corn husk doll at the children's area. These handmade dolls were a frontier tradition for boys and girls and are fun for the whole family to make and take with you. This event has become a rendezvous favorite.

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Voyageurs Fife and Drum - a fife and drum corp comprised of young students learning the aet of 18th century military music. They will perform at various locations throughout the grounds but will visit the children's area to share information about their instruments, training, and what life would have been like for a musician of the era.

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Militia Muster - All able bodies on the frontier were expected to join the militia and be a part of the defense of the settlements. The Militia was the only military presence in many communities. Join the militia and learn how to handle the musket as you prepare to defend the frontier.

Children's BeadBooth

Colonial glass beads in lots of bright colors, authentic bone trinkets and feathers! 

Kids make your own designs or ask for help from our volunteers.

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