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Photo Credit- Tom Bartholomew

During the 18th century, settlers depended upon their own skills and knowledge to provide materials for a home or a farm and to create clothing and food for their families. During the Rendezvous, craftspeople demonstrate talents that were essential for a community to survive throughout the frontier. Some of the following represent the types of demonstrations available during the annual Memorial Day weekend event conducted in Vincennes, IN.


Daniel Boone of Kentucky – Stephen Young Caudill is the Official Daniel Boone of Kentucky. Enjoy his authentic presentation of the experiences of Daniel Boone on the 18th century frontier. Explore the fascinating life of one of the most enigmatic legends of American history through this well researched and documented portrayal. Caudill travels widely sharing his riveting presentation – an annual favorite at the Spirit of Vincennes Rendezvous.


18th Century Physician – John Murphy portrays Joseph La Bolle, a French barber-surgeon living during 1758 in French-occupied Kaskaskia. He demonstrates authentic medical paraphernalia, therapeutic herbs, spices, and leeches as well as medical techniques. Visitors may enjoy discussions pertaining to 18th century surgical procedures, bloodletting, purging, blistering, dental treatment, and other early medical practices


Wood Crafting – Pioneers used tools such as the adz, hewing hatchet, draw-knife, spoke-shave, and shaving horse to produce everyday items for the home and the farm.


Demonstrators 2024

honey bees

bowl & spoon carving

basket weaving

chair caning

heirloom seeds & plants

pewter smithing

leather work

black smithing

tin smithing

native american life


soap making


wax portraits

water color artist

copper smith


rifle making

sons of the American revolution



18th century school house

carpentry – woodworking


tomahawk throwing 


Fiber Trail

quilting – hands on!

drop spindle

walking wheel

tower wheel



block printing

floor cloths


silk ribbon embroidery


bobbin lace


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4 Indiana Artisans

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