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Merchants & Artisans


The Rendezvous’ merchants and artisans utilize the area known as the French Commons along Willow Street in Vincennes, IN. This fenced area is located across the street from the George Rogers Clark National Historical Park.

Applications(Click here): All participants are required to preregister by completing an application. New applicants will be required to provide photos of their wares, clothing and set-up. These may be submitted electronically.  The deadline for this form is March 15.

Information relevant to merchants, traders, and craftsmen:

Demonstrators: Participants demonstrating period skills are always welcomed, please contact us for more information.

Housing: Housing will be available on the Vincennes University Campus with a per person per night fee.

Clothing: All people including booth helpers or visitors, are required to be in period clothing.

Lean To: (Approximately 8X10  ft) with canvas tops will be provided for those who request one. There are a limited number. You must provide your own tables and chairs. Tables must be covered to the ground in front if they are of modern design.

Firewood and Water are provided.

Straw is available but should be requested prior to arrival.

Pets: are discouraged but, if you need to bring one they must be on a leash and kept away from the public. The public is not allowed to have animals, except service animals, on the grounds.

Alcohol use on grounds is discouraged and any person causing problems will be removed from the grounds. Absolutely NO alcohol use by minors will be tolerated!


The Spirit of Vincennes Inc. is constantly trying to upgrade the level of authenticity of this event. It is imperative that all vendors strictly adhere to the time period of 1700-1815.

Only quality, period correct items 1700-1815!

The event will be juried each year and you are expected to cooperate with this process. If you are asked to remove an item and later return it to the sales area–you will be barred from future events and may be removed from the current event.

Jurors may not identify themselves and some jurors will be “shoppers” in modern clothing!

Do NOT Display Banned Items

These items will not be permitted at the Spirit of Vincennes Rendezvous. This is not meant to be an inclusive list – Ask before displaying questionable items.

If you have doubts, Don’t display these item for sale:

• Items made of plastic, nylon or other fiber or material incorrect for the above period
• Items deemed of low quality
• Plastic or modern price stickers, plastic bags & credit card signs
• Powwow items, totems, mandalas & dream catchers, “Karate Kid” prayer drums
• Mexican blankets – for sale or as table covers
• Plains Indian style clothing or beadwork, cowboy gear, & concho jewelry
• Buck skinner & mountain man style clothing & accoutrements
• Archaeological artifacts
• New age paraphernalia, crystals, etc
• Neon colored feathers or dyed fur – Plastic beads & imported beadwork
• Skins of domestic animals – Rabbit foot jewelry & key chains
• Cap, pop and rubber band guns, crossbows, slingshots, slings, & bull whips
• Alcoholic beverages
• Food items (no apples, pickles, cookies, cakes etc.) OK items: Rock candy, bulk coffee and teas, seasoning spices
• Parasols must not display oriental writing or symbols. Landscape drawings or sketches are permitted. Neon colors are not acceptable.

We’re not perfect and we will always consider primary source documentation when questions of authenticity arise. Common sense shall prevail.
Rev 5/6/15

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