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The Battlefield

On the French Commons:


The cannon belches a cloud of smoke. A sharp crack that sounds like thunder announces the presence of opposing forces on the battlefield. Soldiers advance from the woods and a few shots are fired. Both armies are soon joined by reinforcements and the shooting becomes almost continuous. Smoke drifts across the field till the armies become like ghosts through the mist.  The cannon fires again adding its voice to those of the muskets and rifles. You are drawn in and begin to see a picture of what 18th century warfare was like.


The armies continue to maneuver around the field losing and gaining ground. A militia unit makes a charge to flank the enemy but is pushed back. Which army will be victorious?


During the annual Vincennes, IN event, visitors have four opportunities to witness battle reenactments staged by military units of the North West Territory Alliance.


So who will be the victor? The answer comes with your own personal visit to the battles conducted during the Spirit of Vincennes Rendezvous each Memorial Day weekend.  All the action awaits the spectators who gather at the French Commons’ battlefield where the great clashes among reenactment troops occur.

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