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Evening Events

Approximately a mile north of the Rendezvous grounds are four historic buildings – Grouseland, the Indiana Territory Capitol, Stout Print Shop, and the Old French House. The lights of dozens of candles reflect off the glass of the windows within those structures. Candlelight tours of these grand places are provided only during the Saturday evening of Memorial Day weekend.

Vincennes State Historic Sites - That same street, Harrison, goes in front of the three other sites which conduct candlelight tours simultaneously with the Harrison Home. These sites are the Indiana Territory Capitol, the Stout Print Shop, and the Maurice Thompson Birthplace. All are a wonder to behold by candlelight. Tours there are offered from 8 p.m. until 10 p.m. While tours are free, donations are accepted.


The Indiana Territory Capitol is the building in which the territorial legislature met from 1800 through 1813, the period when Vincennes was the capital of the Indiana Territory. The Stout Print Shop is a replica of the shop where Elihu Stout printed the laws enacted by the legislature along with the territory’s first newspaper, the Indiana Gazette. The third site, the Maurice Thompson Birthplace, is the small house in which was born the author of a locally popular book, Alice of Old Vincennes.


Grouseland -  The William Henry Harrison Mansion was built when he served as the first governor of the Indiana Territory (1800-1812). Called the “White House of the West,” Grouseland was the first brick home in the Indiana Territory. In the frontier village of Vincennes it seemed a palatial mansion. It was built on a knoll overlooking the Wabash River near a walnut grove. Grouseland occupies an important place in American history as several treaties with Native Americans were signed in the Council Chamber.

The candlelight tour is a rare moment to see Grouseland as it would have been seen by the residents and all who visited for business or pleasure. The glow of many candles adds charm and a feeling of historical correctness to an already magnificent structure.

For more information about Vincennes/Knox County visit  Vincennes/Knox County Visitors and Tourism Bureau 
Or call the Vincennes/Knox County Visitors and Tourism Bureau


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