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No Pets


Comfort animals are considered pets and are not allowed.


This event features activities which involve gun fire, artillery demonstrations, fife and drum bands and other loud activities that may be frightening to pets. The event also includes goats, sheep, horses and other animals that may be alarming to pets.


Trained service animals are welcome, but please be aware of the above conditions.


A copy of the organizations animal policy is available for review at the information booth or online at

Spirit of Vincennes, Inc. (SOV) 2022

Rendezvous event policies dealing with animals at the event.



Pets are not allowed on Rendezvous grounds. (Pets are allowed on National Park Service property but must be on a leash.)

This restriction is required due to several features of the event:

  • Gun fire and cannon fire are common occurrence on the grounds and many pets who otherwise are good animals may react to the loud noises even becoming aggressive.

  • The event hires and permits animals for demonstration and education. These animals may include horses, cattle, sheep, and other livestock. Domestic house pets may be unfamiliar with these larger animals and may become aggressive and unpredictable.

  • This is a large event with lots of people, animals that behave well at home or at the park may be intimidated by the large crowds, noise, and unfamiliar happenings of a living history event.

  • The insurance provider for the event requires that we ban pets from the event.


Service Animals are allowed on grounds. The Spirit of Vincennes, Inc. will allow dogs trained to aid individuals with handicaps. Only Dogs will be admitted, NO other animals will be allowed even when the owners claim they are service animals.  Federal and State Law agree on the definition of service animals. The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) defines "service animals" under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as "dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities." When it is not apparent as to why the person needs the animal, the DOJ allows 2 questions:

  • Is the dog a service animal required because of a disability?

  • What work or task has the dog been trained to perform?


Gate personnel should warn them of the atmosphere at the event, including gunfire and livestock.


Support, Therapy, or Comfort Animals are not considered service animals under the ADA. These support animals provide companionship, relieve loneliness, and sometimes help with depression, anxiety, and certain phobias, but do not have special training to perform tasks that assist people with disabilities. These animals will not be allowed on the Rendezvous grounds for the same reason stated under the “pets” section above.


Police K-9 or search and rescue dogs are not considered service animals and do not warrant admission under the ADA service animal’s regulations. These dogs and their handlers, however, are considered important part of the community, these animals are trained and do perform tasks that are recognized as important. These dogs will be allowed onto the Rendezvous grounds when accompanied by their handler in uniform.


Participants (Participants include vendors, demonstrators, entertainers, reenactors, and volunteers.)

Participants are strongly discouraged from bringing pets to the event. The SOV recognizes that some participants spend substantial time on the road away from home and it may not always be possible to leave pets behind. Therefore, pets are allowed on grounds but must be kept away from the public and under control of the owner. Dogs, cats or other pets must be kept on a leash no longer than 6 feet in length, or caged and they must be attended at all times. Food booths are not allowed to have pets in or around the booth, exceptions will be made for service animals as listed for the public.


Participants bringing animals as part of a demonstration or exhibit will be responsible for the animal’s behavior and must meet the conditions of the SOV Working Animal Policies.


Working Animals at the Spirit of Vincennes, Inc. Rendezvous

All animals brought to the event as working animals must meet state standards for health and care (Attached as last pages of this document). SOV will report any animals it feels are being neglected or abused as per state standards.)


Rules for Spirit of Vincennes, Rendezvous

  • Livestock is not allowed on National Park Grounds. (North Side of Willow St.)

  • Horses and oxen must be ridden or driven at a walk while in public areas.

  • Approved animals are encouraged to roam the grounds and be seen by the public. Conversations and sharing of information should be a part of your presence.

  • Battle and artillery demonstrations are on the schedule please keep track of these activities. Fife and drum performances and other noisy activities may take place at any time. All animals on grounds must be able to tolerate these activities without becoming nervous, aggressive or otherwise present a danger to the public or participants.

  • All stock animals should be taken to their camp or secure area ½ hour prior to battle times. These animals will remain secure during the battle, excepting those animals that may be trained to participate as part of the battle scenario.

  • Only horses officially part of the North West Territory Alliance (NWTA) or a guest of the alliance may be on the battlefield during a battle or artillery demonstration.

  • Stock animals may be tied or tethered in the battlefield for grazing between scheduled activities but must be a sufficient distance beyond the rope-line to prohibit interaction with the public.

  • When animals are available for public contact they must be accompanied by a competent handler.

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