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Spirit of Vincennes Rendezvous Digital Photography Contest

*Special Rules for this year’s contest so please read carefully*
Click Here to Download Registration form to return in person or by Email.
*Make sure to open Registration form in Desktop App after downloading* 


There is a $5 registration fee for adults to enter the photo contest that must be paid before Noon (Eastern Time) on Sunday (May 28). There is no fee for youth photographers 15 or under.

Photos taken between Friday afternoon (May 24) and Saturday evening (May 25) will qualify.

Photo entries can be dropped off at the Information tent on the French Commons on Sunday (May 26) by Noon to qualify (Eastern Time). Thumb drives or SD cards are the preferred methods. Photos can also be emailed to Joe Herron by noon on Sunday.


JPEG is the preferred format for photos.

All contestants will be asked to pre-select their photo contest entries before bringing them in for submission as time will simply not allow for viewing all your photos. You MUST know which pictures you want before turning them in.

Awards will be given out on a ceremony at the George Rogers Clark NHP Visitor Center on Sunday at 4 pm. A slideshow of all the participants will be shown at that time.

Participants can enter up to 5 photos. The following categories are available for both adult and youth (15 and under) divisions:

  • Best Military – images include troops in battle scenes, giving talks, marching, or camping.

  • Best People of Rendezvous – entries are broader than military to include performers, Native American, and civilian demonstrators.

  • Best 18th Century Fair – more general photos like people enjoying the event. This is a broad category so feel free to be creative with your entries.

Each category winner (both youth and adult) will receive $25 for a winning photo and a free two-day button for the 2023 event.


One “Best in Show” winner and one “Best Human Interest” will receive a $75 award.


Youth participants (15 and under as of 5/26/24) will be allowed to compete for the additional categories.


Up to five runner-up awards will also receive a voucher for a two-day button for the 2025 Rendezvous event and a 2024 Rendezvous medallion.

Photos must depict the “spirit” of Rendezvous. Photos should be of scenes and individual unique to the Rendezvous Event.


Photos of building, scenery, etc. will not fare well in the competition.

Posed photos of individuals are discouraged especially those which could be staged anytime and do not incorporate the

happenings of the event.


Submitted photos must be from the 2024 event. Filtering or excessive touchups of photos are also discouraged.

Feel free to email Joe Herron with late entries to compete for a runner-up position. 

Photographers do not need to be present to win.

Online Photo Contest Registration Form
Is the photographer 15 years old or younger, As of May 26, 2024?

Thank You for Submitting your Photo Contest Registration Form. Please email photos to or turn in photos along with registration fee at the Information Booth on the event grounds.

Photo entries may be mailed to before noon Sunday May 26, or brought to the Rendezvous information tent on SD card or USB thumb drive between 10:00 am and noon on Sunday May 26. Photos not received before noon will not qualify for prizes but may be used in future rendezvous publications. JPEG is the preferred format for all photos.

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