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Want to drink in the festive atmosphere of southwestern Indiana’s most superior Revolutionary War reenactment? A simple sip from a souvenir Rendezvous mug will have you literally “drinking in” the 18th century flavor and savoring the colonial taste of this two-day event conducted every Memorial Day weekend at Vincennes.

The Spirit of Vincennes, Inc. provides several souvenir items for each year’s Rendezvous. These are sold only at the information booth located upon the French Commons. Along with the current year’s selection, other souvenirs from previous Rendezvous years occasionally will be available for sale.

Coffee mugs: Need more Coffee: Try the extra large! 

Another favorite traditional souvenir collectible is the annual Rendezvous medallion. These oval-shaped emblems are constructed from high quality  metals and are printed in relief. Each medallion carries the theme of that year’s Rendezvous. Examples of Rendezvous medallion images include the surrender scene between British Lt. Gov. Henry Hamilton and Lt. Col. George Rogers Clark; one of the early log cabin versions of St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church; and patriot, Francis Vigo.  These and all of the Rendezvous medallion designs were original creations of local historian and artist, Richard Day. Purchasers should be aware that the quantity of medallions is limited.

Medallions:  Each year the Spirit of Vincennes Inc. chooses an individual, structure, event, or other depiction of an important part of Vincennes’ history. During 2017 the organization will honor Patrick Henry.  More than a founding father of our Nation, Henry was Governor of Virginia in 1778 and commissions George Rogers Clark to conduct a daring raid into the frontier to take on the British in an effort to protect American settlers in Kentucky. With the capture of the fort in Vincennes, Clark renamed the fort, Fort Patrick Henry.  A medallion is a great way to remember the event and to learn a bit of history.

Many rendezvous visitors collect the medallions from year to year.  Medallions were first available for the Spirit of Vincennes Rendezvous during the 1991 event. Medallions have become an exciting way to enjoy and to remember the Rendezvous. Some medallions from previous years may still be available; inquire at the information tent during the event. Other medallions are quite scarce and hard to find, a true collectors item. Don’t miss yours, get it while at the event this year.

Spirit of Vincennes members and volunteers receive a discount on all Rendezvous souvenirs.

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